Emotion. Excitement. Powerful Messages. Emotion. Excitement. Powerful Messages.

Enriching the hearts of people worldwide by Enriching the hearts of people worldwide by
delivering content with these 3 qualities. delivering content with these 3 qualities.


aNCHOR is a "harbor." We wish for those who share our dreams, whether they are individuals, small businesses, or large corporations, to sail in, drop their "anchors," and realize their projects with us. And when the project is complete, they sail off to gain more experience, until the day comes where we gather once again to work on an even larger project. This is how we at aNCHOR envision our role -- we aim to be a mooring where people can pour their creative energies into their works to make their dreams a reality.
The market place is in a constant state of flux. In particular, individuals are making larger impacts than ever before. Unbound by the restrictions of working for a company, talented people and small businesses are free to be flexible in their thinking and how they express themselves. We believe this newfound freedom adds unprecedented value.
Through our flagship property "Muv-Luv," we have triggered emotion and excitement with our audience, and brought powerful messages to them. And we strive to draw on our dreams and talents to continue reaching for even greater heights. We believe that our company ethos will ultimately lead to a world full of content that will enrich people's lives.



Gathering a team with superior skills to turn ideas into reality. That is the essence of game design. But it's not just about flashiness. To weather the long road of development, it takes more than just engineering technique -- you need dreams, passion, and pride! When everyone involved can draw out those qualities to their fullest, they become capable of creating something that stirs the hearts and minds of others.


To create a story is to create something from nothing. With nothing but the sum total of their daily life experiences as fuel, writers must take everything received from their five senses, and reduce them down to words on the page. Writing is a way of life. And those carefully constructed, meticulously edited words carry with them a unique light that charms and touches the hearts of readers. We know very well the joy and worth of writing.


One of our greatest joys is taking a creation and sharing it across the world in multiple formats. When the work of an extremely talented creator blossoms into a game, anime, book, figure, or something else, we become one of the audience. We, too, are captivated by their creation. That experience, in turn, fuels the creation of the next project, turning the frustration of creation into fun.


Virtual reality continues to advance at breakneck speed. In the near future, the virtual and real worlds will merge in ways that bring unprecedented experiences to our lives. This is the eve of a revolution, and we are not content to merely be spectators. We aim to be proactive in our engagement and push our current era into the future.