Secondary Usage and Fan Content Creation Guidelines

Introduction: aNCHOR believes strongly in working with the fans to share our content with the world. We’ve laid out the following rules below, but if you have any cool or fun ideas, please feel free to reach out!

Article 1: Usage of our images, text, etc. on your personal social network accounts and web sites.

No notification is required for non-commercial usage of the above. Please do not alter the images, and ensure that our company’s copyright is clearly visible on any images or on the web page itself. We may reach out to you if we feel your usage is inappropriate.

Copyright: ©Muv-Luv: The Answer

*In general, we forbid the following usages of our copyrighted material. For details, or if you have an idea about how you’d like to use them, please contact us:
・Secondary usage in any medium, such as paper books, merchandise, or digital content, which will be distributed to an audience of indeterminate size.
・Secondary usage of anime footage, etc. that was broadcast on TV or sold on DVD.
・Secondary usage of our manga/books (Exceptions made for usage of the covers, or for partial usage of the text.)
・Secondary usage of in-game character voices and songs.

Article 2: Video Streaming
Any title sold or distributed by aNCHOR may be streamed on a streaming site for the purposes of commentary, let’s plays, etc. There is no need to contact us for permission.

Note that we do not own the rights for some of the music used in the game. If any of that music is used in your stream, you’ll have to get permission from the artists or rights holders.
Please be aware that any videos created with the intent to feature this music may be deleted. It is also not possible to separate the music from the game and upload it individually.

Article 3: Secondary Creative Works
For any creative works of your own, such as printed materials, figurines, or other merchandise, that you wish to base off of aNCHOR’s titles, please adhere to the following guidelines. These guidelines apply only to individuals. For corporations please use our Contact Form to reach out to us first.

① Non-Commercial Usage: There is no need to contact us for permission.
Examples: Uploading fanart or fan-novels to social networks or image/novel sites.

②Commercial Usage: For the limited period, there is no need to contact us for permission.

We ask that you adhere to the following guidelines when creating fan works:
・Avoid creating anything that badly damages the images of our characters.
・Avoid creating anything that would damage the reputation of our works or their authors.
・Avoid creating anything which affronts public order and standards of decency.
・Avoid creating anything that could potentially violate the rights of others.
・Avoid creating anything that could be mistaken for an official work.

The guidelines are subject to change without notice. We take no responsibility for any damages which result from such changes. We reserve the right to request anyone to cease production/distribution of a derivative work at any time irrespective of these guidelines. In addition, we take no responsibility for any damages which result from such demands.

If you have any questions, please use our contact form.

Established 4/13/2020
Revised by 5/25/2020
Revised by 7/6/2022
by aNCHOR inc.